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Love is a strong emotion that can be expressed through music and passionate song. Song-writer, Mel Dubé acoustically sings of love and passion in cover songs and original self-written songs.

Acoustic Love

'Sweet and Tenderly'

Mel Dubé performs a blissful blend of sublime vocals and tender instrumentals. “Sweet and Tenderly” is Mel Dubé’s first-ever original recorded song.

'Our Time'

In this emotionally-rich, politically driven collaboration, Mel Dubé’s self-written “Our Time” song features guitarist, Alan Pardo in harmonic layers of powerful soul and mellow acoustics.

'Is this Love' (Bob Marley Cover)

Classic Bob Marley Song, done in the style of Mel Dubé

Drake - Hold On, We’re Going Home ft. Majid Jordan (cover)

Done in the style of Mel Dubé, from the six side of course.

Soulful Reggae

Mel Dubé takes reggae and transforms it into unique soulful renditions that are perfect for live performances and local events with the addition of original self-written songs suited to your event.

Extra Side

Mel Dubé’s first official single “Extra Side” is a reggae tune voiced on the Water Pumping Riddim. This feel-good single was featured on Toronto’s Music 311 project that connected her song with millions of listeners in the GTA.


“Putting all my favourites together in one song to make a git – food, love and rub-a-dub music!” – Mel Dubé


‘Love Has Found Its Way’ (Cover)

Mel Dubé presents her soulful reggae rendition of “Love Has Found Its Way” .


Special Moments & Events

Music has the ability to make moments in life special. Mel Dubé is dedicated to make these special moments unique with her lovely self-written songs catered specifically to any occasion. Perfect for weddings and corporate events, these moments can be for an audience or just to that one special person you love.

'Going the Extra Mile' GEM Awards  Bluma Appel Salon Library (Reference)

Mel Dubé wrote her original song “Going the Extra Mile” for Toronto’s Ministry of Labour GEM Awards. This award ceremony formally celebrates the contributions of colleagues and recognizes them for their commitment to excellence. Mel Dubé offers custom songs to specialize any events.

My Funny Valentine (JCA)

In this impromptu live performance, Mel Dube freestyles a jazzy rendition to “My Funny Valentine”.

JOIN Mel Dubé on her journey with SOULFUL melodies for any occasion


Live soulful performance of Sade’s “By Your Side” cover at the G 98.7’s Island Fever concert series at the Hard Rock Cafe.

‘By Your Side’ (Hard Rock Cafe G 98.7 ‘Island Fever’)

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