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Mel Dubé brings her unique talent to events and always captures her audience with her passion and love of music.

Independent artist, Mel Dubé brings passion to ignite her audience as well as her powerful vocals that combine neo-soul and reggae in a melodic pop fusion. Mel Dubé is musically trained in music theatre and jazz which is highlights her Jamaican heritage and inspires her soulful reggae sound. Her humble beginnings as background singer for various reggae artists such as J.C Lodge, Lenn Hammond, Steele, Richie Stephens and for local bands in Toronto gave her additional insight needed to groom her vocal abilities. She began taking on more of interest to write and produce her own material and was awarded a demo grant to produce her first single, "Bring it". Years later she grew even more stronger as a live performer and recording artist, and released another single “Extra Side” was chosen to be featured on Music 311 – a new phone system initiative managed by the City of Toronto that spotlighted local indie artists and connected them with millions of listeners in her hometown.

Mel Dubé has performed in music festivals such as: Redemption Toronto Reggae Fest, Caribana Lime at Albert Campbell Square in Scarborough and Toronto’s Centre Island along with the international Exit Festival in Serbia, rated by the New York Times as one of the top ten world festival destinations. As an indie artist, Mel Dubé has performed live in venues including Atlantis Pavillon’s Pan Am Games celebration, G 98.7 FM’s Island Fever concert series at the Hard Rock Cafe, Honey Jam at the Mod Club. She has been on televised stations such as Caribbean Vibrations on OMNI Channel 4 and on various Canadian and international radio stations. She is on a mission to inspire and create a unique sound that will change the world and bring back soulpower in reggae music. So as we say, "Let the music speak" and be empowered by her soulful melodies of Life. Check out what her fans have to say about her music in Mel's Lounge.
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